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Here's mine:

Release a second version of luaglm for obj model loading by
integrating it with another OpenGL module (see below) for more robust
VBO suport.

Release luavec for handling vec2, vec3, quaternion, mat33, mat44
calculations.  Currently I have the vec3, quaternion and mat33
sections written.

Release an alpha version of luaglo (openGL Objects) for mid-level
object abstractions over OpenGL.  The library currently contains
userdata models for Shaders (with a Lua shader file format), Slabs
(for per-pixel image processing on the GPU i.e. GPGPU stuff), Textures
(with internal support for frame buffer objects for render to
texture), Windows (native OpenGL windows, as of now only Cocoa exists,
but soon to add native Windows and X to the implementation), Meshes
(with VBO and Vertex Array support).  This module is intended to wrap
up all of the advanced and awkward aspects of advanced OpenGL coding
to provide a simple interface and make sure that resources dependent
on an OpenGL context are properly notified of context destruction and
creation without user intervention in order to properly support on the
fly context modification and multiple windows.

Release an alpha of luaspace, a Euclidean space module for point data,
that brings together kd-trees and 3D Delaunay/Voronoi data structures
for fast proximity queries and a more structured understanding of
point relationships.  This module is based on ANN (Approximate Nearest
Neighbors) and CGAL libraries.  I may release a parallel luacgal
module that I've been working on since August that handles 2D and 3D
Delaunay/Voronoi as well.