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Moderated list sounds like censored list to me, which doesn't sit very well.

Jim Whitehead II wrote:
On 12/29/07, Tim Kelly <> wrote:
Ah, everyone is in favor of free speech until someone says something they don't like.

I think a lot of newbies and observers should take note of the recent posts and the decidely suppressive nature of them.


Tim.. what are you trying to accomplish by spreading your agenda into
yet another thread.  This is completely outside of whether or not I
agree with you, but comments such as these are absolutely not
appropriate in a thread such as this, where people are asking a
legitimate question about a listserv they thought was moderated.

The continued bickering between yourself and other members of this
listserv need to be taken off the list.  The conversation stopped
being constructive about a week ago and has no continued value (in my
humble opinion).

Can we please get back to one of the few constructive discussions that
are happening elsewhere on the list, including this one about
moderation on the Lua listserv.  I suspect the original poster is
interested in the reasoning behind the unmoderated nature of the list.

- Jim