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Asko Kauppi wrote:
I dare re-enter this realm, since the challenge it places on the list is - how to deal with commercial establishments, and "rules". If we fail to please Kelly's needs, maybe there's something to be looked into the mirror, too. I think such a discussion never took place earlier on the list.

Tim's needs were misplaced. He wanted things that
a) Were not available.
b) He didn't need, if only he would educate his customers as to "why".

Eric Tetz's two posts in this thread sum the situation up very nicely.

From email to myself and Roberto (principally to tell me what he thought of me), Tim also thinks Lua is a business and that past acheivements by Lua should be discounted as they are no guarantee of future performance (presumably Tim's own track record should be discounted by his own customers?).

Is Lua a business?

Commercial establishments know how to deal with this. That is witnessed by two dominant vendors in two multi billion dollar markets (graphics and gaming) plus various space program people using Lua. People take great care over what goes into a satellite, and Lua is in some satellites. When people like these make multi-billion dollar bets on their future business using your product you know you are doing something right.

He also seems rather taken with the roadmap idea and cites PHP and Perl as projects where he can get his answers. I hope he takes the time to look at the progress of Perl 6, started in June 2002. The last entry on the Perl 6 progress log is Feb 2006 (1 year, 10 months ago). They shipped Perl 5.3 last week (or two). I'm glad I didn't bet any business plans on the progress of Perl 6 (and yes, we did look at Perl 6 a few years ago. We walked away, marked down as come back in a few years time, which we did yesterday and its still not ready).

I think the fundamental problem was his approach and unwillingness to accept answers that didn't fit his idea of a valid answer. The fact that he received the same answer in various forms from multiple sources did not sway him one iota.

I don't think any time needs to be spent addressing his needs - he didn't have any genuine needs that haven't been covered by various posters on this thread.