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> I am definately one of the "don't break it if it works" type of
> developer, but I also noticed that the Lua FAQ indicates no roadmap
> for 5.2 has been established.  Would it be possible to get some
> (written) assurances regarding the long-term viability and development
> of Lua?  Can we expect at least five more years of official support
> for Lua?

Most Lua old-timers would consider the absence of a roadmap for 5.2 as
a good omen for the long-term viability of projects using Lua ;)

More seriously, I am afraid I missed something. what do you mean by
"official support"?  If you mean bug corrections and code maintenance,
one of the main ideas behind Lua is that you do not need us to give
you this assurance. Lua is simple enough to be maintained in-house, if
necessary (even for small "houses").

(That said, we do plan to keep playing with Lua for several years.)

-- Roberto