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Johann Höchtl writes:
> There is now
> but it's unoffical (ie. not where the core developers commit)

That would at least answer the question of where to download a snapshot of the
latest development version.  Currently one needs to apply a bunch of individual
patches ( ) to obtain the latest development
version.   Another partial solution would be for someone to post a combined
patch on the wiki.

Off topic: The latest development version tends to be more stable that the
latest release version since 5.1.x patches are bug fixes only, including some
critical ones, so why don't we all use it?  I think the reason is that "Lua is
never released with any pending bugs."  Since a few "known" bugs have no unique
patch, it's been eight months without a 5.1.3 release.  Should the criteria for
release not be whether bugs are "known" (knowledge of them says little about
their existence) but rather whether the development version is certainly more
stable than the release version?

The git repository was interesting for looking back in the history, though the
history could maybe include individual changes between versions.  There are RCS
files are somewhere. is pretty clear in itself. 
Personally, in maintaining my "branch" of Lua, I just diff my copy against the
official one.  My changes are small and commented, and so are Lua changes, so
it's not a big deal, and git may be overkill here from what I've seen of it, but
maybe with a DVCS I'd be willing to incorporate larger patches.  For example...

I had at one time recommended adding more extensive comments throughout the Lua
source, maybe using the Yueliang source comments as a basis, and John
recommended branching the Lua source ( ). 
That might be one application for this.