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Hi List,
I'm currently exploring the idea of generating documentation for the
Lua interface of a Lua module with doxygen.  Ideally what I'd like to
do is have some kind of alias like @Lua module.function(arg1, arg2)
description etc. and have a nice HTML output that only shows the Lua
interface, not the C/C++ stuff.  That would be a separate thing.  I'm
asking this here, not for help on doxygen specifically, but for ideas
about how to go about doing this that might be better.  How have
people gone about documenting Lua interfaces to their modules that are
defined in C/C++ in the past?

In addition, I'd also like to generate some source files that will add
in-application help strings to the module table.  Something like
module.__help = { functionx = "functionx does x", ... etc.}.  I'm
wondering also if other people have done this and if perhaps there is
some kind of agreed upon field to put this in and format for the help

To recap a bit, my goal here is to generate 3 types of documentation
from incline documenting comments in a C/C++ Lua module:

1) Documentation for the module developer (C/C++ code)
2) Documentation for the user (Lua interface)
3) In-application help strings

Any ideas or comments about how this can be accomplished will be
greatly appreciated.