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 > > Alternatively the arguments could be passed in as a single argument, i.e. 
 > > an array, or a userdata object pretending to be a read-only array 
 > > (implementing the length and index operations). The userdata object would 
 > > not require the allocation of a potentially massive array to store a copy 
 > > of the argument vector, but would copy the contents of 'argv' to the lua 
 > > interpreter one string at a time.
 > They are already passed as a single argument, the table 'arg'. Maybe
 > we should just remove this mechanism of passing them as separated
 > arguments...

This would be a nice change for 5.2.  
And it would even make the code smaller!
But if there is another bugfix release for 5.1 it would be nice to
have the larger stack limit.