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On Sun, 2007-12-16 at 18:38 -0600, Matt Campbell wrote:
> So I would appreciate it if either the Lua team or Daniel Silverstone, 
> who registered Lua on Launchpad, would publish the current Lua source 
> code as a Bazaar branch in the Lua project on Launchpad.

I have offered to do this at various times, mostly because I also
maintain changed Lua cores which I have to work with. But we've never
*quite* managed to come up with the right answer, short of importing
everything, which could prove to be somewhat tough to do right.

If you want to contact me out-of-band with ideas on how to correctly
register Lua's source in Launchpad without upsetting anyone, I'd be
eager to hear your suggestions.


Daniel Silverstone               
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