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I've just registered a new project called LuaWin on Launchpad, the free software hosting site created by Canonical. I've posted the code for this project on Launchpad via the Bazaar version control system. But the code depends on a small modification that I made to the Lua core. (I hope this modification will eventually be accepted by the Lua team, but that's another issue.) The optimal way to share this modification through Launchpad is to publish a Bazaar branch containing the modification. But to be useful, this branch needs to be derived from another already published branch, and there are currently none.

So I would appreciate it if either the Lua team or Daniel Silverstone, who registered Lua on Launchpad, would publish the current Lua source code as a Bazaar branch in the Lua project on Launchpad. I can import the Lua 5.1.2 tarball into a Bazaar branch myself, since anyone can register a branch for any project. However, I thought I should ask first. Ideally, it would be nice if the Lua team would make its version control repository publicly available, or even switch to Bazaar. But I don't expect that much now.