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Since I'm in -slooooow- learning stage, I thought, there should be a
tool to show Cairo code effect in real time.. So, I wrote mine  :)

- license: (Lua | wxWidgets | wxLua | Cairo) at your option
- source included
- written in Lua language
- uses wxLua (Lua binding of wxWidgets)
- code editor is wxStyledTextCtrl (A wxWidgets implementation of
Scintilla), implementation taken from wxLua's editor.wx.lua
- to run code written in Lua
- runs code while editing;
   - if Live! checked, at each code change or in paint event
   - when Refresh pressed
- snippets saved in an SQLite database
- gives you a ready to use context variable (cr) to play
   prepared with:
   win32:  cr = cairo_create(cairo_win32_surface_create(hdc));
   ubuntu: cr = gdk_cairo_create(drawable)

Since in my LuaCairo binding I followed C API naming strictly, it may
help for C - Cairo experiments.

Comments and suggestions welcome.

Hakki Dogusan