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(Sorry, I'm late..)

Philippe Lhoste wrote:
On 06/12/2007 13:39, Hakki Dogusan wrote:
- Win32 updated to Cairo-1.4.12
- Documentation added (based on cairo.h)

Thanks. Some feedback:

I appreciate, thank you!

- Perhaps explain a bit more what to find in the "Lua module" vs. "Snippets application". And that the later contains everything needed.

I can't write documentation even in my mother language :( Could you write what to say there ::)

- I like to be able to quickly see the version of an exe or dll file by looking at its properties (Version tab in XP). Alas, lot of portable open source programs omit this. It is just a resource file to add to the build. I made that for my (outdated now) Lua binaries.
Of course, not a requirement, just a suggestion.


- Obviously your examples cannot be run from their current place as their relative path to the data (and required modules) is changed now. Perhaps a little README file can explain that? Quite obvious for a programmer, but might allow a quick run.

Done (still no README :(). Examples modified, added example.bat/.sh, snippets.bat/.sh.

- Documentation looks a bit dry at first sight, but obviously it targets people knowing Cairo, or at least knowing they must look up Cairo doc and tutorials, so it is OK.
I appreciate the parallel of C and Lua functions.

While translating snippets to Lua, I always was finding myself looking lcairo source how I did binding :) Hopefully this document will help.

I spotted a little inconsistency: I wondered what the [WARN] flag was for, as it isn't in the "Color conventions" section, then I saw that "Lua usage is different from C: different" line refers to nothing... I suppose you changed that either way and stopped in mid-air! ;)

Updated. Is it better now?

Now, I still have to play with that.

Since I'm in -slooooow- learning stage, I thought, there should be a tool to show code effect in real time.. So I wrote mine; named CairoPad 8) ANN is coming next.

Would you be interested by any (interesting) test code I might make?

Of course! I still didn't write any cairo code myself! With CairoPad, sharing code will be easier (all code saved in a sqlite database).

Hakki Dogusan