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1. From Lua's standpoint, everything most likely is fine (although you should use "make macosx && make install" and maybe edit the Makefile to enable readline support, which is built in in 10.4 - Lua makefile still defaults to 10.3)

2. The game is looking in /usr/ which you MUST NOT mess with yourself. That's owned by Apple and good that way. So you need to change the game's configuration. First see "./configure --help"; the game makers may have given useful parameters so you wouldn't need to stab their makefiles directly.

3. All you really need, is "-I /usr/local/include -L /usr/local/lib - l lua" to be added to the CPPFLAGS parameter. Somewhere, even in the Makefiles. Just stab it there, or use "export CFLAGS="-I /usr/local/ include -L /usr/local/lib -l lua"" to make gcc see them without changes in the makefile (I'm teaching you naughty, but... ;)

4. Lua51 is a fink package, like everything in Fink you need to install it. See:

$ fink apropos lua
Information about 7431 packages read in 3 seconds.
jdepend 2.9.1-1 Evaluate Java software quality i kepler-apache2 1.0.902-6 Web development using Lua (Apache2 module) kepler-cgi 1.0.901-7 Web development platform using Lua language (CGI version) libpoker-eval 133.0-1 Library for poker hand evaluation, dev files libpoker-eval-shlibs 133.0-1 Library for poker hand evaluation, library lua 5.0.2-1005 Small, compilable scripting language lua-shlibs 5.0.2-1005 lua shared libraries i lua51 5.1.2-4 Small and fast embeddable scripting language i lua51-dev 5.1.2-4 Files needed to make Lua/C bindings lua51-module-lfs 1.2-1 Lua Filesystem module (require 'lfs') i lua51-shlibs 5.1.2-4 Shared libraries for linking Lua 5.1 engine into an application lumikki 0.22-2 Website generation using Lua scripts tolua 5.0-12 Greatly simplifies the integration of C/C++ code with Lua

"sudo fink install lua51-dev" to get the development pack.


Tymek W kirjoitti 9.12.2007 kello 22:44:


Thanx for help, but it's still nothing...

The script (./configure) is looking for (as far as I managed to find):

if test -d /usr/include/lua50; then
	CPPFLAGS="$CPPFLAGS -I/usr/include/lua50"
if test -d /usr/include/lua51; then
	CPPFLAGS="$CPPFLAGS -I/usr/include/lua51"

...but there's no /usr/include , there's /usr/local/include . There's no
lua50 or lua51 files, there are only: /usr/local/bin/lua ,
/usr/local/lib/lua , /usr/local/share/lua (the rest is listed below).

I installed lua (make && make install) from sources from and
everything should be fine.

Fink... I started by Fink, but it didn't have lua:
$ fink list lua
Information about 2088 packages read in 5 seconds.

= nothing with "lua" in its name.

...and yes, fink was updated before.


Asko Kauppi wrote:

Can be a bunch of issues. First you should see how the ./ configure of your game is trying to find liblua5 (or similar). Most likely it's not
looking under /usr/local, and/or your Lua isn't even installed there
("make install").

You can also use the OS X Fink distro of Lua 5, by "sudo fink install
lua51-dev" (worth at least if you're otherwise using Fink).

Send me your ./configure if you wish 1-on-1 help.


Tymek W kirjoitti 9.12.2007 kello 18:01:


I'm trying to install Stratagus game on Mac OS X 10.4 (PPC) and I have
problems with lua...

I followed:

(Patches suggested by author of second linked page aren't needed on
2.4.2 version. I tried also version used by author + patches, it doesn't
work either.)

After './configure' I get errors:
checking lua.h usability... yes
checking lua.h presence... yes
checking for lua.h... yes
checking for library containing lua_getfenv... no
configure: error: Lua5 is required

...and the script stops.

The problem is that I installed Lua from sources, that I got from, and it works:
$ lua
Lua 5.1.2  Copyright (C) 1994-2007, PUC-Rio

Lua files:
$ find /usr 2> /dev/null | awk '/lua/{print;}'

Here are similar problems with earlier versions of Stratagus:

I googled for more, but got nothing helpful...

What's wrong? Do you have any ideas?

Thanx in advance,