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In case there is any interest in moving to a wiki written in Lua,
Sputnik solves this particular problem by offering per-page RSS feeds
automatically.  I.e., every wiki page has an RSS feed that you people
can subscribe to to see when the page changes.

Additionally, Sputnik is written to be extended in Lua and the content
of any page can contain lua code (ran in a sandbox), which would then
be evaluated into a table and can be returned in different formats (by
using templates).  This means a page like LuaNews could be marked up
in Lua:

NEWS = {
    { date="2007-12-07", type="announce", body=[[
         '''LuaRocks 0.3'''[],
         '''deployment and management system for Lua modules''',
         announced by Hisham Muhammad[LuaList:2007-12/msg00086.html].
      ]], link="[LuaList:2007-12/msg00086.html]" }

This would make it a lot easier to re-use the content for other
purposes later.  In particular, it would be trivial to add a custom
RSS feed.  (And in case you worrying, Sputnik can check syntax for you
to avoid saving bad Lua code.)

The version of Sputnik currently used by Kepler and LuaRocks also
provides some protection against link spam and the version in SVN has
full support for honeypots and hashed field as suggested by Mike Paul
a few months ago.  The new version also has a per-page permission
system with support for groups (implemented in just two dozen lines of
Lua, of course).

- yuri

On 12/8/07, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo <> wrote:
> > A new page [ ] provides "a summary of the
> > latest happenings on the Lua mail list and elsewhere in the Lua world."
> This seems really useful. It would be even more useful if it contained longer
> comments. Also, if it had a RSS feed, as John Belmonte proposed in the page.
> RSS is pretty simple, if boring, to write. You can use the feeds
> as examples if you need:

Yuri Takhteyev
Ph.D. Candidate, UC Berkeley School of Information,