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I am experiencing a problem:

Lua 5.1.2  Copyright (C) 1994-2007, PUC-Rio
> require "lfs"
> f = assert("test","r"))
> print(lfs.lock(f,"w"))

(lfs version = 1.3.0)

At this point, lua crashes. I downloaded the luabinaries and the luafilesystem
binaries and extracted them into a directory, filecontent:


I tested the same script on Linux and it is working fine (same lua/lfs version,

If I test the same script in our own project (luxinia) which is using a
different lfs dll, it is working fine as well.

The luxinia lfs.dll version is 1.2 instead of 1.3 of the luabinaries. If I
replace the dll that is supplied from lfs binaries, luxinia is crashing as

So there might be a glitch in the compiled dll version of lfs. I did not dig
here any deeper, it might either be a compiler problem of lfs (my lfs 1.2
version has 28kb instead of the 104kb lfs 1.3 version) or a mistake in the
win32 source of the lfs 1.3 release. 

As I want to write a different application right now, I don't want to make the
setup for compiling it on my win32 machine, but maybe someone else can check /
confirm this behavior. I've checked it also on a fresh and nearly untouched
vista machine and it did the same trouble.