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> Thanks for the link for the test, I tried to run them but got an
> "assertion failed!"

I've just tested it on Linux with a clean copy of Lua 5.1.2 and it works fine.
Please report any problems.
>> There is no SVN repository or anything like that.
> this is strange.
> so how is Lua being developed?
> No version control at all or no public version control?
> I would be interested to read about this.

We use RCS. It works just fine for us. There is no public version control
because Lua is not a community project. Some say that Lua is an
open-source, closed-development project:

> Also why is the official test suit in such an obscure place and why is that
> not in the source package?

To keep the source package slim and to simplify maintenance. Not everyone
(almost no one?) is interested in running a test suite, I guess. But, yes,
it could be in a less obscure place (though the link is in the lua-l archives).