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It was ages ago, so I might have trouble locating the source, but I got a win32 exe+dll down to a combined size of 17kb, including a short luac'ed script dumping hello world 10 times. I'll have a look if I can find it again, in the depths of my test-folders with inconsistent names... :)

David Given wrote:
Periodically we have discussions about how best to reduce the size of the Lua interpreter. There seem to be a number of techniques for doing this --- removing the compiler, the libraries, the list of opcodes, etc. But I can't find any definitive documentation on what can do done, and how effective it is.

I am now in a position where I'd like to embed a minimised Lua interpreter in an application. If I really try hard, what kind of size am I looking at? Are there any on-line resources that can assist me (I can't find anything in the wiki)?