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On Mon, Sep 17, 2007 at 08:02:10AM +1000, Duck wrote:
> Are the LuaCurl maintainers on this list? If so, are they accepting 
> patches?
> Some minor changes are needed to allow the library to build against libcurl 
> >= 7.16.0 (current is 7.17.0), and a small change would be desirable to 
> take advantage of new URL escape/unescape functions introduced recently.
> (In particular, curl_unescape is replaced with curl_easy_unescape, which 
> can handle unescaped URLS containing embedded NULs -- not unlikely outside 
> ASCII-land.)

I maintain the freepops version of luacurl (there are two on luaforge)
and I'll be glad to receive the patch and integrate it.

Enrico Tassi