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Thanks a lot!

Ketmar Dark wrote:
hello, Eva Schmidt <>.

On Thu, 13 Sep 2007 12:50:48 +0200
Eva Schmidt <> wrote:

yes, I see. In the further version the .lua files had been
"lua_dofiled" from the luaopen_socket-function. Is there any place in
the library where this is done (maybe with another call) or do I have
to call execute the socket.lua by myself?
i think that the "core" is loaded from the socket.lua, and not vice
versa. so "core" doesn't know anything about Lua modules. the aim of a
"core" is to provide the basic OS interface, so all the other things can
be built in Lua with this interface. at least LuaSocket 2 works this

so you should load socket.lua (and maybe other things like url.lua,
ftp.lua, ltn12.lua, etc) manually.



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