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Hello again,

thanks for the reponses. I think I've found the most changes now by reading the sources :-)

But one question still remained:
In the further version there had been two shortcuts in socket: socket.bind and socket.connect()

Maybe I did something wrong while loading the library
(I'm just calling luaopen_socket_core (lua_State)), but I miss these shortcuts now:

for i,v in pairs(socket) do print(i,v) end

-> 	protect	function: 0x82847d0
	dns	table: 0x82848f0
	gettime	function: 0x8284720
	udp	function: 0x8299300
	newtry	function: 0x8284798
	_VERSION	LuaSocket 2.0.1
	__unload	function: 0x82846c0
	select	function: 0x8299330
	tcp	function: 0x82987b0
	skip	function: 0x8284688
	sleep	function: 0x8284758

In the LuaSocket Reference they are still available...?!
Any hints?