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2007/9/11, Jeff Pohlmeyer <>:
On 9/11/07, Luc1an0 <> wrote:

> > > local"X:\My\certificate\file.crt")

> >  Maybe you need to escape the backslashes?
> >  c:setopt(curl.OPT_SSLCERT,"X:\\My\\certificate\\file.crt")

> It was the first way I've tried because my program will be a NT service
>  So I have to use absolute path.

I guess I don't understand -
You must use absolute path, but you can't escape (double) the backslashes?

Yes, I always use the double backslashes !!  It's obliged in Lua on Windows

If :
- lua.5.1.exe /..dll
- myScript.lua
- myCertificate.crt
are in the same folder, and I start my application with a windows command line, I can use just short filename and not the full... But only by this way !
Frédéric ASTIC