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> I've been using "swig" generated bindings for a lua interface 
> to my program.  While it has its problems (mostly bloat), it 
> hasn't required _any_ changes in my underlying C++ api, and 
> making the interface definition files is really easy 
> (basically you just copy the class defs from the existing C++ 
> header files into your interface def file and trim/annotate 
> them there to tweak the result).

SWIG is next on my list to try. I need to learn it for work so I can
generate some native C++ to C# binding code.
I was able to revert the C++ API changes once I fixed the bug in

> I've thought that maybe sometime in the future I'd make my 
> own hand-rolled interface to trim some of the bloat, but that 
> goal seems increasingly distant...

I know the feeling. Particularly for work projects, once something is
working it is hard to justify the time to make it more aesthetically