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Hello Stephen,

SK> Lothar Scholz wrote:
>> Does LUA switch the C stack in any way when using coroutines? I'm 99%
>> sure the answer is no because it can't be done with ANSI C.

SK> Hi Lothar,

SK> I think the answer is no.

SK> If Lothar is here, then I guess you'll all have access to a nice Lua IDE
SK> and decent Lua debugger at some point in the future. Lothar's company 
SK> has already done that for Ruby.

We will see. I can only say that in the very near future we will have
a Ruby IDE that is scriptable in LUA, Ruby and Python.

I have developed a nice almost LUA compatible C interface for Ruby and Python
during the last month. The Ruby emulation is almost cost free, but emulating
the LUA stack access for python objects has a litte additional overhead
but it's so much easier to work with instead of the native reference counting.

 Best regards,                        emailto: scholz at scriptolutions dot com
 Lothar Scholz              
 CTO Scriptolutions                   Ruby, PHP, Python IDE 's