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LTN 2 - Minimal Lua 4.0 installations shows the way to minimal Lua in 4.0.
While i am trying to work on Lua 5.1 follow this instruction, some thing seems to be different from 4.0 to 5.1.

I am tring to remove the lparser. A stubs is created like this.
#include "llex.h"
#include "lparser.h"

void luaX_init(lua_State *L) {

Proto *luaY_parser (lua_State *L, ZIO *z, Mbuffer *buff,
                                            const char *name){
  return NULL;

Then i delete llex.c and lparser.c from project.
The compile result shows the function luaX_syntaxerror() in Llex.c is called in module lcode.
It is easy to remove lcode        in Lua4.0.
The notes said:
"To remove the code generator too, you need to add #include "lcode.h" and copy luaK_opproperties from lcode.c into this code."
But how to remove lcode in Lua5.1?


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