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	From: [] On Behalf Of John Calsbeek
	Sent: Monday, August 27, 2007 4:00 PM
	To: Lua list
	Subject: Re: Passing arrays from C++ to LUA
> 	After creating the table with lua_newtable, for each item in the array you'd need to push it with lua_pushinteger 
> and add it to the table with lua_rawseti(L, -2, idx). 

Thanks for your answer. I tried it without success. Perhaps you could be a little more concrete. I read the help for the C API docs, but didn't find an answer.

- Do I need the call to lua_settable (L,1);?

- What values has 'idx' in lua_rawseti(L, -2, idx) to be?

- What is the '-2' in lua_rawseti(L, -2, idx)?

Perhaps you could spend some more lines as explanation.


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