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CGILua is a tool for creating dynamic Web pages and manipulating input
data from Web forms. CGILua allows the separation of logic and data
handling from the generation of pages, making it easy to develop web
applications with Lua.

One of advantages of CGILua is its abstraction of the underlying Web
server. You can develop a CGILua application for one Web server and
run it on any other Web server that supports CGILua, even if using a
different launching model.

CGILua can be used with a variety of Web servers and, for each server,
with different launchers. A launcher is responsible for the
interaction of CGILua and the Web server, for example using ISAPI on
IIS or mod_lua on Apache. The reference implementation of CGILua
launchers is Kepler.

CGILua is free software and uses the same license as Lua 5.1.

Version 5.1.0 [23/Aug/2007]

        * Uses Lua 5.1
        * Added function cgilua.print (that uses tostring on its parameters)
        * Added a generic dispatcher and the concept of CGILua Apps
        * Replaced the cgi table used until CGILua 5.0 by two others
cgilua.QUERY and cgilua.POST)
        * Added fake "package" table to enable the user/programmer to
create modules with global visibility
        * Bug fix: return of HTTP status code
        * Bug fix: close method was recreating the session file
        * Correcting how LP handles strings with CR characters (Lua
5.0 would not mind, but Lua 5.1 does)
        * Fixed a bug with lighttpd

The source code and documentation is available at

Feedback is welcome!