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On 8/23/07, Patrick Donnelly <> wrote:
> Sorry if that seems like nit picking but I found what you did incredibly odd.

Actually, that was like the tenth re-write I had to make before I got
the stupid thing working at all.

> Anyways, seeing your C code is necessary for us to help you I think.
> Just be sure to trim it to show only relevant portions.

Okay, but remember, you asked for it...

Here is the retrieval function...
--------------------C code snip--------------------
char *LUA_STR(lua_State *L) {

  if (!L) {
    warn("%s: Called by NULL Lua State!", __func__);
   return (NULL);
  char *ret = (char *)lua_tostring(L, -1);
 return (ret);
-------------------C code snip---------------------

And here is a snippet from the function that passes the data and calls
the retrieval function:
--------------------C code snip--------------------
  if (luaL_dofile(L, fl) != 0) {
    warn("%s: Parsing Error for file '%s'", __func__, fl);
   return (NULL);

  lua_getglobal(L, fun);
  if (Exists(a1)) { lua_pushstring(L, a1); }
  if (Exists(a2)) { lua_pushstring(L, a2); }
  if (Exists(a3)) { lua_pushstring(L, a3); }
  if (Exists(a4)) { lua_pushstring(L, a4); }

  /* call the function with 2 arguments, return 1 result */
  lua_call(L, n, 1);
  ret = LUA_STR(L);
  lua_pop(L, 1);

 return (ret);
-----------------------C code snip---------------------

I feel that I should also mention that pretty much everything else I
have tried works fine. I am able to call lua functions and parse the
results in the C ap with no problems so far.