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I'm using tolua++ to embedd LUA in my C++ application. Works for most stuff, but now I like to give a array with dynamic size from LUA to C++. tolua++ is only able to handle fixed size arrays. So I try to mix tolua++ with the LUA C-API. I used some example code to get starting.

This is my C++ function:

void TestClass::X(lua_State *L, lua_Object t, lua_Object o2)
    if (lua_istable (L, t))
        printf ("1: is a table");
        printf ("1: isn't a table");

     /* table is in the stack at index 't' */
     lua_pushnil(L);  /* first key */
     while (lua_next(L, t) != 0) {
       /* uses 'key' (at index -2) and 'value' (at index -1) */
       printf("%s - %s : %d\n",
              lua_typename(L, lua_type(L, -2)),
              lua_typename(L, lua_type(L, -1)),
              lua_tonumber(L, -1)
       /* removes 'value'; keeps 'key' for next iteration */
       lua_pop(L, 1);
    double number = lua_tonumber(L, o2);
    printf ("Parameter1: %f", number);


This is my LUA function:

function eb_test2()

Here is the result:

C++: TestClass::TestClass ()
1: is a table
number - number : 1023
number - number : 1024
number - string : 1
number - number : 1025
Parameter1: 8.000000

The C++ code does detect the table type, the correct table size and the element types (string/number). But I don't understand the values I get (1023,1024,1,1025). Ok, the string is for sure handled wrong with lua_tonumber, but also the other numbers are wrong. Could anyone tell me why this happens?

Andreas Volz

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