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David Manura <> wrote:

> > However, I've run into a problem ...module() is a runtime feature and
> > the compiler knows nothing about it
> True, require/module will need to be a compile time construct.
> I've updated LuaFish[1] (which was recently announced on this list) to do
> something like this.  Again, it's quite preliminary, but one of the included
> examples is shown below.

Indeed. A meta level might be one way to solve that problem. However,
the beauty of doing those checks directly in the compiler (besides raw
speed advantages) would have been that it's a self-contained piece of
code in the parser.

I think I will at some point include a feature along what you outlined.
There are many interesting things one can do within a compile-time
section of Lua code.

cheers  thomasl

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