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I would like to second David's comments.

A non-ANSI C but highly portable extension of Lua is desirable for many reasons and users.  Having it standardized (blessed, distributed whatever by Lua authors) assists portability and sharing of documentation, support etc.  While it may perhaps seem 'not difficult', it is certainly not easy nor brief, and not every Lua/C programmer can afford to create them directly from scratch.  Pooling such efforts into the previously suggested standard library extension seems to be one of the most useful possible next 'features' of Lua.

On Aug 17, 2007, at 5:21 PM, Sherry Zhang wrote:

They are not provided in ANSI C.
If you want to use these libs, create them yourself directedly from scratch.
It is not difficult.

Sherry Zhang

On 8/18/07, David Burgess <> wrote:
I think Lua is good language wise. The libs need some work.

Networking, Multitasking Libraries and Luiz's standard library proposal
would cover it for me.


grrr waaa