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Note that tolua++ uses tolua++ itself to incorporate the .lua files into the tolua++ executable.

The upshot is that after patching, you need to run "scons" once, then another time with "scons build_dev=1"


On 8/17/07, Thomas Breuel <> wrote:
That looks good; if it works, I hope it can be incorporated into the tolua++ release.


On 8/17/07, RJP Computing <> wrote:
On 8/17/07, Carlos Augusto Teixeira Mendes <> wrote:
Hi Ariel,

Attached is a patch for tolua++ that enables try / catch hooks in tolua++
(It also corrects one bug when using casts with templates).

Also attached is an example of hook file.  It will envelope every function
call made by tolua++ ina a try / catch block that converts the exception to
a lua error.

Oh my! This is exactly what I was looking for. I will patch it here locally and tell you how it goes.
RJP Computing