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On 8/17/07, Thomas Breuel <> wrote:
Scheme is a great language--a language designed for computer scientists and experienced programmers to play around with new ideas.  Lua is a widely used extension language for general users.  Once macros are available in a programming language, readers can tell much less about what a piece of code does than if macros are not available.

Most uses of macros can be handled more cleanly with a compact lambda or block construct, plus some simple operators.  I think Lua already has pretty good support for that, but maybe a more Smalltalk/Ruby-like block syntax could improve things a little further.


True, and to be honest, I get wary when people talk about extending Lua with new functionality anyways. Lua seems pretty comprehensive and complete in what it offers, and that to me feels like a big part of the Lua philosophy - that it's got just enough for its purposes. Macros are an interesting conversation point, though; just thought I'd raise it =)

Evan D.