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Stefan Sandberg <> writes:

> Sorry if I came off a bit harsh there, wasn't going for that.. (hungover)
> Here's how to do what you asked for: (should you ever reach that
> limit, which I doubt)
> Or, if you still refuse to use the win32 api, here's how to bump up
> from 512 -> 2048:

Thanks, that was spot-on.  The problem is not that I "still refuse to
use the win32 api".  Those are binaries compiled and delivered by a
completely different project.  I'll try to get something moving there,
but this is not going to be fun.  The compile environment for
Unix/Linux is straightforward.  The compile environment for Windows,
for the same application, is fragile and usually only the people
providing the port are able to get along with it.  In addition, one
has to separately fetch, configure and install it (or a
cross-compilation environment).

Anyway, I apologize for the off-topic rant, and thanks for the prompt
help which I hope to be able to put to good use.

David Kastrup