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On 8/16/07, Ariel Manzur <> wrote:
The thing about exceptions is that I rarely use them, so I never spent
much time thinking about it.. I've seen a number of implementations,
CEGUI seems to be one that supports most cases, but the syntax to bind
them deviates too much from the way exception are defined on a
standard header, which is why I hesitate about merging it into
If there's a way to add them using hooks, I'd love to take a look at
that.. in fact I should probably get all the options together, maybe
on a wiki page, and get opinions from the users to determine which one
to implement..

Please do that. This tool is great, but there are some real things that need to be added for it to be a complete solution. Exception is the biggest one, in my humble opinion. A hook sounds good, but since there is a version that contains what I need today I am going to look at it. I also would mind seeing what can be done to add a hook. I have not even really opened up the source code before, so don't hold your breath. I just need this solved immediately.

sorry for not providing a solution on this.. most of the tolua++
development is based on my real world usage of it, so some areas are
lacking (C arrays come to mind)..


I really need vector support as well. Is there vector support available in toLua++ already?
RJP Computing