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On 8/2/07, L-28C <> wrote:
> Hello everyone!
> First of all: I'm sorry for being such a noob with Lua and toLua and
> asking so many questions... :-(
> Second of all: Why the heck does toLua++ insist on using SCons? Why not
> just a makefile?

You can probably use the makefiles from tolua on tolua++, I don't
think I've changed anything on the file structure..

> Third of all: How can I set SCons to use Cygwin instead of MSVC? No
> matter what I change in the SConstruct file, I keep getting MSVC's
> compiler... I even renamed MSVC's bin folder, however I got 'cl: command
> not found', which sucks.

yeah, that's annoying.. look for this line at the beginning of the
SConstruct file:

env = Environment()

and change it for

env = Environment(tools = ['mingw'])

that should get rid of the msvc tool.

> Help? Thanks in advance!