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Ketmar wrote:

> why anybody want to write programs and don't even trying to
> understand what manual says?

Because "anybody" may expect that the manual is written so that the
facts are layed out plainly, not so that people have to "try to
understand it". Gotchas should be _stated plainly_ - that's an
important rule when writing technical docs. But who am I to judge this
- if whoever maintains the docs feels it is better left encrypted -
it's his choice.

Btw, I believe that the main reason why this is not asked more often
is the fact that this works most of the time, even if you return true.
Nil-s don't appear often, so just (sometimes) some elements are not
sorted completely. For a lot of data, people don't even notice it. I
had this in for months processing data, without seeing a problem.