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On Wed, 25 Jul 2007 16:42:37 -0300
"Rafael - SosCpdTerra" <> wrote:

> Im sure your Opera can work with plugins... if macromedia can do flash
> plugin and java can do plugin too, WE CAN DO PLUGIN!!! :)  

> A fact on this project must be: Lua in browser. Yes, I think java can
> be used, but is not my way of lightweight. We must consider search
> for other ways to do so. I will love if we use Lua as dynamic link
> library for windows and linux. Our job must be simply grant to the
> browsers, access to lua language, such javascript. I will search more
> information before say there are other projects or not, or how can we
> do that.
but... Java and Flash plugins has no access to DOM. there are just
"windows" with their own controls, etc... there's no way to control DOM
as JS do. %-(

and NS plugin API is very restricted, afair. i'll google to refresh
my memories. %-)

sure, we can patch FF to use either JS or Lua as scripting language,
but Opera is closed source software... and Explorer... argh, i don't
want to talk about Explorer, albeit i nearly sure that IE can use Lua
exactly in this way thru Windows Scripting Host... %-))

and i don't like FF too (it is too fat and too slow %-( ). and anyway,
embedding Lua with the same abilities JS have means separate branch of
developing and constant patching... but i'm not an expert in FF. if we
can do thi only in FF -- this will be fine. *something* is definetely
better than *nothing*. %-))