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Im sure your Opera can work with plugins... if macromedia can do flash
plugin and java can do plugin too, WE CAN DO PLUGIN!!! :)
A fact on this project must be: Lua in browser. Yes, I think java can be
used, but is not my way of lightweight. We must consider search for other
ways to do so. I will love if we use Lua as dynamic link library for windows
and linux. Our job must be simply grant to the browsers, access to lua
language, such javascript. I will search more information before say there
are other projects or not, or how can we do that.



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[] Em nome de Ketmar Dark
Enviada em: quarta-feira, 25 de julho de 2007 17:15
Assunto: Re: Lua in JavaScript

On Wed, 25 Jul 2007 15:52:57 -0300
"Rafael - SosCpdTerra" <> wrote:

> 	I like how this project sounds. Maybe not a JS Lua VM. Maybe a
> Plugin? I have one http server too, and I use lua on it just like php
> in apache. Use lua like js can be really powerfull, including
> database access to client script? Sqlite, cache and css can put one
> entire web site on the local machine with just one bytecode file and
> a sqlite database. Wooow... that sounds nuts... and pretty fast!!!
> If you guys like to join... I will start this project just today.
yes, this would be great. but... my lovely Opera doesn't allows to do
this easily. %-( the only thing i can dream of is a simple Lua
scripting in webpages...

but... they done Java plugin, so there IS a way to so at leas such
thing... just fool Opera so it will think we are using Java -- as a
last resort? you point me in a very interesting direction, yes... this
thing definetely worth further investigation! it is not so thight
integrated in DOM as JS, but at least this is Lua in browser... Lua is
fast, lightweight and suits this fine.

btw, i believe that i've seen such project somewhere... may be even in
this list. but the project was stalled... am i wrong?