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That's a nice direction for a Lua modules repository website. While
we're brainstorming ideas, another thing I've always found nice is the
"User Contributed Notes" section on every page of the PHP manual (for
example, ) -- in my experience, this increases
the value of the documentation manyfold. (And it's not the same as
making the docs wiki-editable, as they are more like side notes to the

Do you think this would work better than annotations attached to
specific portions of the text -   like those on AnnoCPAN
( or Django Book (e.g.,  Annotations should be
reasonably easy to add once once I figure out how to anchor notes to
paragraphs in such a way that they don't move around when new
paragraphs are inserted.  (AnnoCPAN looks for the "similar" paragraphs
in the new version.  An alternative would be to either insert explicit
IDs or explicitly add note references into the body of the document.
Not sure what Django Book does.)

 - yuri