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On Jul 20, 2007, at 04:33, Diego Nehab wrote:

I try to cover most of the use cases, but I am usually avoid
introducing to too much complexity into the library. I know,
each request seems simple, but once they pile up, things
become untreatable.

While we are on the topic of random feature requests... one thing I would personally find quiet useful for LuaSocket to provide is a standard io library compatibility layer... lets call is for the sake of argument... in other words, something that looks and behaves exactly as the regular io library to the extend possible... specifically... all the client:receive([pattern [, prefix]]) and client:send(data [, i [, j]]) methods could be re-casted in terms of the io library file:read (···) and file:write (···) methods... ditto for file:close (), file:flush (), file:lines () and file:setvbuf (mode [, size])... additionally, such package could transparently act as a facade for the existing coroutine base dispatch.lua as well... if such package existed, one could swap it seamlessly with the standard file based io library and pretty much turn any regular Lua code into a network ready application...

Just a though...