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--- Ketmar Dark <> wrote:
> actually passing data with pipes or unix-domain
> sockets is very fast.
> and you can make an SQL server helper not to spawn
> each time you need a
> data. just let it wait for some time for another
> request before
> shutting down. then you can write SQL-helper app
> with LuaTask and don't
> care about it's crashes ('cause it will be restarted
> anyway) but have a
> very little slowdown for continuous requests.
That I beg to differ. It is the additional protocol
that is needed between the helper and the main thread.
This can create quite some string in lua to pass back
and forth, in addition to the needed data.
So If I have a 1M dataset, within a single thread,
that would be 1M, with this approach, it needs 2X as
more at least.

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