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On 7/16/07, Tomas Guisasola Gorham <> wrote:
        Hi Dirk

> At the moment I'm looking at the SAPI.Response.write() function. The
> documentation says it takes a string as parameter. However, when
> looking at the CGILua code from Kepler 1.0 it can call the write()
> function with either a string or a number. A bit confusing but when
> the SAPI implementation uses lua_tostring()/lua_tolstring() or
> luaL_checkstring()/luaL_checklstring() then everything works. If
> however they use e.g. lua_type() to verify that an actual string was
> passed in things can go wrong.
        Why is it confusing?  I think a number could be used in place
of a string anywhere in Lua don't you?

In hindsight it's quite obvious but when you're just starting with Lua
(like I am) then seeing in the documentation that the write() function
takes a string and reading in the Lua manual that there are separate
string and number types...

> In the current CVS version of CGILua there has been a change recently
> based on a discussion here on the mailing list last April to introduce
> cgilua.print() and equate cgilua.put() to SAPI.Response.write(). This
> changes the expected semantics of that SAPI function: it now becomes
> variadic and the typechecks that previously were in cgilua.put()
> should now be done in SAPI.
        The typechecks have to be done in SAPI anyway.  The difference
now is that `cgilua.put' will not check types again.  `cgilua.print'
on the other hand will apply `tostring' to all its arguments, thus it
will not fail (like primitive `print').
        I think we have to correct SAPI.Response.write documentation
to show that it accepts more than one string (I think all the current
implementations accept that).

Yeah, now it says:

SAPI.Response.write (string)
   Generates output using the given string.
   Returns nothing.

I checked a few implementations but I'm not an expert on those
servers: mod2, cgi and fastcgi seem OK, isapi seems to output only one

I'm thinking about maybe writing a kind of 'unit test' for my SAPI
implementation. If I have something usable and decent I'll share it on
the list. If I discover other unclarities when tackling the other SAPI
functions I'll be back as well :)