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I've never announced it or anything (but I guess the people on #lua hear me babble about it from time to time), but one of my hobby projects is a distributed GI renderer in lua, with some accel. structures in C. That basically means that all of it is in lua, except discrete things that doesn't have to be, like samplers, texturefetch, kd-trees etc etc.. The nice thing about it is that it's sooo easy to write custom stuff, from materials, lights, geometry and animations. My initial idea was to have a very easy and customizable renderer for use by people developing a certain component for rendering, like a new spiffy type of material, or someone wanting to visualize something custom, without having to code an entire renderer.

Miles Bader wrote:
Moritz Moeller <> writes:
I'm writing a binding that allows Lua to be used for describing 3d
scenes intended for rendering with a high-end 3d renderer like Pixar's
PhotoRealistic RenderMan or DNASoft's 3Delight. The target audience for
this is foremost the visual effects industry.

Do you have a description of your lua interface available?

Lua seems like a very nice language for this purpose[*], and it would be
cool if there were some sort of common ground for people using lua for

[I've written a lua scene-description interface to my renderer but it's
quite bare-bones and more or less just exports internal interfaces
(using swig) with a bit of sugar on topl.]

[*] I really love "dynamic" scene description languages (e.g. povray's),
as opposed to the rather static input formats that seem more common
these days.