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Moritz Moeller <> writes:
> I'm writing a binding that allows Lua to be used for describing 3d
> scenes intended for rendering with a high-end 3d renderer like Pixar's
> PhotoRealistic RenderMan or DNASoft's 3Delight. The target audience for
> this is foremost the visual effects industry.

Do you have a description of your lua interface available?

Lua seems like a very nice language for this purpose[*], and it would be
cool if there were some sort of common ground for people using lua for

[I've written a lua scene-description interface to my renderer but it's
quite bare-bones and more or less just exports internal interfaces
(using swig) with a bit of sugar on topl.]

[*] I really love "dynamic" scene description languages (e.g. povray's),
as opposed to the rather static input formats that seem more common
these days.



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