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I thought of porting LuaCOM but I don't work in C/C++ very often so the port would have to be in FPC.  Unfortunately, FPC doesn't support OLE/COM without a lot of hacks in place.  I'll have to look into C/Invoke and the others to see how they are working and if they will work under FPC.

Worse comes to worse I guess I break out my copy of Learning C again and brush up to convert it :)

On the giving something back front, I've kept all my work with Lua open to anyone and free under no license (well the tools and extensions, the applications that use it as a scripting interface very).  Some day I should take the time to list them on the Lua pages instead of only listing them on the Pascal sites :)

On 7/13/07, Petr Stetiar <> wrote:
Jeremy Darling <> [2007-07-13 08:03:11]:

> I've searched all over the web and the only library I've found is LuaCOM,
> but the last update was back in 2005 and it appears is for Lua 5.0.  I'm
> working in Lua 5.1 and would like something that worked as a standard DLL
> Module that can be plugged under Lua itself.  Anyone have any ideas on where
> to start or if there is another way to go about this using only the normal
> Windows API?  Sorry for the two sided question, but I'm going nuts!

You can either port LuaCOM to recent Lua release (consider it, you're giving
something back), or you can use C/Invoke[1] and use Windows OLE/API directly.
Similar to Python's ctypes or .Net's pinvoke().


-- ynezz


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