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On 7/12/07, Stephen Kellett <> wrote:
Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo wrote:
> I've also written an experimental tool for memory allocation visualization
> inspired in the paper below:

A generic tool for program memory visualisation - works with any Win32
application. Its a free download from Software Verification. It shows
virtual memory for the app and the app paging table usage.

Also, a Lua specific memory analyser (Windows only) which is in beta.

Looks nice for Windows; unfortunately (but not really :) ) I'm on an
embedded Linux platform. There you can already get pretty far with
/proc and NFS for dumping logs.

Also, in my case I wanted to track only the Lua memory usage while it
was embedded in another application. It was for benchmarking purposes;
I wanted to have a quick way to compare Lua memory usage to the memory
usage of another solution. A big advantage of the Lua allocator is
that you get the size of a block when it is freed. This made the
tracking very straightforward.