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On 05/07/2007 16:49, Patrick Donnelly wrote:
My problem is this works fine for English, but when I use this for a German locale I receive the error: Invalid Capture Index. I'm really confused about what is going wrong here, mostly because I don't understand this error.

You should have given the German string giving the error, so we can reproduce the problem.

A possible source of trouble is the definition of %w:
"%w: represents all alphanumeric characters."
So if your names has German accented characters, your expression won't work.
Tried with "Däve goes to Brîtain", I didn't get your error, but 've' and 'Bri' as result. With "Dävé goes to ßrîtain", I got empty strings, so I cannot reproduce the problem.

Note that indicating the version of Lua you use can also help us.

Philippe Lhoste
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