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On 27/06/2007 18:17, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo wrote:
Or just use literal strings, they are great for such use (and for Windows paths!)

You mean "long strings", which are a form of literal strings. The other is
"short string", which are quoted with "..." or '...'.

Ah, I always used 'literal string' as synonymous of 'long strings', because they always take 'literally' everything you put inside, without trying to convert escape sequences or whatnot. If the usage of this expression is incorrect, I should try and avoid its use.

The expression is used in the Lua lexer of Scintilla, which is the probable source of my confusion. Indeed, I see in the manual:
"Literal strings can be delimited by matching single or double quotes"
I suppose it means strings given explicitly in the script, as opposed to built strings.

OK, so now there will be "long strings" only for such construct.
Thanks for pointing out my incorrect usage. I will suggest and correct related Lua stuff in Scintilla. (Along with the correction of the bug of not highlighting a keyword if it ends the file, which has been recently raised again in the Scintilla list.)

Philippe Lhoste
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