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Hmm... I don't get it, I copied your command line but I still get the same errors... :-/


Andrew Yount wrote:
The code you show as being in class1_lua.h should be in a CPP file.
The contents of my generated toLua header:
** Lua binding: gameplay
** Generated automatically by tolua++-1.0.92.

/* Exported function */
TOLUA_API int  tolua_gameplay_open (lua_State* tolua_S);


That's it.  The rest of the generated code goes in the CPP.  Perhaps
you're misusing the command line params?  My command line (all one line,
its just long):

tolua++ -o lua_gameplay_methods_generated.cpp -n gameplay -H
lua_gameplay_methods_generated.h lua_gameplay_methods.pkg

-Andrew Yount