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(Sorry for late reply)

Chris wrote:
A while ago I started a project like this.

Now there are three of us :)
I did a Google search before writing mine, but found none?
To my surprise there is also a project at by John Pitney; I learned about it with a private mail from him.

The goal was a highly
efficient hand generated full Cairo binding for Lua that was portable
between Linux, OS X, and Windows.  Since Cairo is such a low-level API
I wanted something with maximum performance.

I got too busy to finish it but I got pretty far and you may find the
source helpful.  I just put it up here (at the top of the page):

Thanks for the link. You already did gc methods which mine is still doesn't have.

We need somebody to collect our works to make a real binding ;)

Eventually I wanted to write a SVG API entirely in Lua.  I know Cairo
has a SVG library but I wanted something with more power and where it
was easier to access the internals of the SVG structure.  For example,
it would be nice to be able to create a SVG that used Lua as the
scripting language rather than Javascript.

I did some svg parsing to show butterfly, lion, and tiger samples; they are in snippets example (

ps. I added a helper method CreateContext(drawable) to luacairo. It expects "HDC" in win32, "GdkDrawable *" in linux. And added an get_drawable method to wxLua to return needed drawable. Now, Snippets runs in Ubuntu :)


Hakki Dogusan