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Tony Finch <> wrote:
> > I thought of that, but for the time being decided against. Main reason
> > was that external tools can't easily distinguish between a non-zero code
> > that means "lua has a problem with my script" (i.e. lua error status<>0)
> > vs "my script has a problem with whatever" (i.e. my error code<>0). And
> > whatever I do, I can construct cases where doing the opposite would be
> > better.
> Yes, this is a problem. However I was thinking it would be preferable to
> make the patch extend the current behaviour (add more ways of returning
> non-zero) and avoid incompatibilities (like returning zero after a
> compilation error).

Well, my reasoning was that people who know how to patch their C code
can change the last line in the patch in such a way that it does that.
The whole thing is not exactly rocket science;-)

But you're right, I should at least have mentioned that problem.

cheers  thomasl

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